The Sixth Great Lake - Sunday Bridge LP


The Sixth Great Lake - Sunday Bridge LP


12" Blue Vinyl LP. Members of Guppyboy and The Essex Green reunite as alter-ego band The Sixth Great Lake with their follow up to "Up the Country" (Kindercore Records)

A cohesive collection of tunes, perfect for cuddling in bed with your sweetie on a rainy Sunday morning while the coffee is still brewing. Like warm caramel dripping down the side of an ice cream sundae, the songs ooze, melt and flow like sugar on snow.

Genre: Folk Pop Release Date: 2004

© Copyright - The Sixth Great Lake / Tup Keewah Recordings (884502388169)

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The Sixth Great Lake | Sunday Bridge 12" blue vinyl LP

1. Old Smoke (3:33)
2. The Saint (4:07)
3. Everybody Loves (3:07)
4. Fool (2:56)
5. Downies (4:21)
6. Baby Tonight (3:13)
7. House of Cards (2:06)
8. Seven Stripes (3:12)
9. Twenty-Three Songs (4:20)
10. House Song (3:28)
11. Kentucky (5:10)
12. Smokin' Joe (3:32)

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